Since being established in 1995 by Principal Designer Dane Richardson, DDA has delivered more than 250 projects. We understand first-hand the complexities of building design and construction.

It is our aim to make the process simpler and more enjoyable for our clients, from conception through to completion. We take pride in employing a co-creative, collaborative design process to ensure strong working relationships with our clients, consultants and contractors.

Our designs are highly personalised to suit each brief and respond to current needs and future use by incorporating core principles in sustainable design, optimization of site and innovative technology. With demonstrated experience in the design, documentation and delivery of projects, Dane Design Australia is an industry leader both in Australia and abroad. Dane has worked as far afield as China and India and maintains ongoing commissions in Indonesia.

Enthusiasm, creative flair, attention to detail and an immeasurable passion is signature to each and every one of our projects.



Building Design

Dane Design Australia specializes in building design with an emphasis on delivering one off design solutions to every project. Our vast range of experience includes small and large scale residential, commercial, hospitality and multi-use developments.


Eco Friendly Construction

Sustainable Development forms a back-bone to all projects. Our designs take care to integrate with surrounding environments in a considerate, efficient and responsible manner. Crucial elements of this include site optimisation, low energy use, water conservation and reuse, optimal use of space within the building and employing materials with low toxicity.


High Quality 3D Modelling

DDA projects are documented within 3D modelling software; every project is modelled in explicit detail. The use of this software enables a high degree of accuracy of the documentation, which in turn allows thorough interrogation of the design and it offers the client an excellent medium to be able to fully understand the proposed solution.

“We know when we have truly succeeded; this is when the owner tells us they enjoyed the process as well as the outcome”.